This 5 pointer Social media strategy won’t fail in 2020

Social media is changing at a very fast pace. Come 2020, Small Business Social Media Strategy will look a lot different from that of 2019. If you are trying to figure out that successful social media strategy for 2020 you are just reading the right section.

This 5 pointer is a social media strategy example you should add to your digital marketing strategy deck this year if you are spending a little or more on social media or else you cannot afford to hire an agency to do social media but you still want to get business, revenue and popularity for your brand on social media by doing some small exercises yourself, then this post is just for you. Read it till the end.

India being the youngest country in the world with an average age of 30 years is transforming and that too at a very fast pace. This 2020 if we want to keep up with the fastest changing sphere of life i.e. social media we need to revisit our efforts.

Here is the quick checklist of 5 points social media strategy that will keep us up to the mark in 2020.

1) Personalised Attention

Refrain from shout outs. Try hearing out instead. Come 2020, the brands will want to hear out to their consumers and potential consumers. The consumers on social media in turn will raise the bar of their expectation to personalised attention. Whoever can strategize to offer this personal attention on social media will win the social media battle. So this year find and respond to untagged mentions and ride away with 20% more social media attentionI Bet.

2) Sell Via Social Media

 Check out Instagram Check out and see commercial features being introduced by Pinterest. No Social media channel clearly wants the user to move out of it’s frame work to buy out. Hence social media platforms like Instagram are offering in frame eCommerce options. Another benefit is that around a 30% of the eCommerce worldwide happens after checking out and comparisons done on social media. So if the e-commerce happens on the same social media where the consumer is making the comparisons, the conversation ratio increases automatically. Isn’t it smart?  

  1. Videos and broadcasting – Note this – At last even LinkedIn started live in 2019. Guess why? The kind of engagement that live broadcast is bringing in is much higher than other pieces of content. Video is a shift to which all the smart brands are moving. Live broadcast also enables you to engage with the audience right at the time the audience is glued to you. This engagement can also be dealt strategically like a high conversion audience and pitched online through video demonstration of the products and live offers, pitches etc.

  2. Influencers will propel – You don’t always need a Gul Panaag if you are a starter. More over you cannot afford her too. Look for Micro Influencers. They are not those fancy names that you here on all media but they are effective. Try those not so popular names but still have an impact on audience.

Come 2020 Social Media Marketing Strategy will focus on personalised attention and detailed segmentation of the audience. How much do you understand the audience on the other side of the screen and what personalised attention you can serve will decide the success especially for your small business social media strategy,

If you are looking forward for a successful social media strategy for your business or brand or whatever feel free to get in touch with us. Apart from quite some number of sure shot Social Media Strategy Examples we will also give you absolutely free tools and interpretations based on your brand or business.

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