9 SEO Marketing Tricks that you are missing out on

With 550 Million people using internet in India alone today, SEO Marketing gets you cash. Recall every consumer you interacted with in last 30 days. He stands in front of you but researches you, your competition, your reviews everything digitally.

However Facebook penetration is 20%. Instagram penetration is 11% of the total population. What does this mean? India has grown as an exciting market – Right ? But wait, boy, there is loads that will happen.

In-spite of this, Today 40% of India uses internet and by 2023 starts 65% of India will access internet. Using internet to promote your brand is important. SEM marketing teaches you to do exactly the same thing.

Just invest 10 minutes on this article to know what is SEO in digital marketing ? Curious to know what is SEO and how it works ? These 10 simple concepts will tell you simple search engine optimisation techniques that are simple yet effective.

  1. Voice Search Optimisation

    SEO Marketing

    India has 425 Million smart phone users today. 50% of users do voice search through smart phones. The best part is, a lot of expert SEO professionals are missing it out. Try it. It will get you traffic like a boss!!

  2. Speed up guys

    SEO Marketing

    Optimise images, go for dedicated hosting etc. Do whatever it takes to reduce page loading time. Target 0.5 Sec. People have done it. There are several ways to do it. I will cover it up in another article shortly. User has millions of sites to visit. Remember – Consumer Doesn’t have time.

  3. Never be content with your content

    SEO Marketing

    Be hungry. Never say I have enough content. Content can be an article, an image a video, an audio etc anything. Improvise in both the quality and quantity of content. It is an evergreen rule. You have heard it a 100 times before. Still can’t stop myself from emphasising.

  4. Go Live

    SEO Marketing

    All media channels have live broadcast options. This way you can encourage your users to engage with you on real time bases. It gives transformational results. Try it. Create a series. By the end of your series you know you have both – relevant audience and engagement.

  5. Buy Parrots

    SEO Marketing

    You know what parrots do. They repeat what you say. There would be some audience that eventually becomes your loyalist. Treat them, give them personal attention.

  6. Micro-Influencers

    SEO Marketing

    May be you can, but I can’t afford influencers like Gul Panaag for every shout out. Pick up strugglers. they are cheap and flexible. Their reach might be small but they openly promote you unlike Category A influencers who only agree to subtle integration.

  7. Wedio

    SEO Marketing

    Spelt it wrong ? No. Not the least. I mean Videos but not by you but by WE. Pick up crowd. bring  past consumers on your camera frame etc. Pick up employees. Bring all these stake holders on video. This way you get a social share on multiple social media platforms on multiple social media accounts.

  8. Engage

    SEO Marketing

    Scrap out broadcast. If not reduce it to 10%. In all marketing mediums like Newspaper, Radio, TV etc Digital media is the only platform that allows you to initiate two way communication. If you are not doing this live digital media and go for traditional media instead.

  9. Stop selling and start marketing

    There are millions of offers pitching users to buy. Very few would talk about the problem statement the consumer wants to get addressed. Sales is push marketing. Try pull marketing. Attract him by helping him make decisions. If you help a consumer with a neutral attitude, I bet he will offer you to get into a transaction. That is win win mate.

Today 65% of India is under 35 years of age and 50% of India is under 25 years of age. This makes India the youngest country in the world. The average age of an Indian is 29 years. If you want to tap young India, keep yourself updated with SEM Marketing etc through SEO tutorials. I bet it will pay off. I am going to cover all these 9 steps individually in detail in coming articles. Till then, should you need any suggestions on how to promote your brand, business online just inbox your concerns. I will happily audit your brand’s SEO for free. If you are an SEO professional and need any help still inbox me. I reply every single E-Mail I receive. Write me on varun.sharma2010@gmail.com

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