5 Facebook hacks for your social media strategy in 2020

To begin with, Let us say this – No brand survives the fierce competition without a strong social media marketing strategy in 2020. Facebook is at the core of any brand’s digital media strategy. Guess why ?

  • The total potential reach of Facebook advertisers is a whopping 1.9 Billion people.
  • An average cost of $ 1.72 per action(CPA), makes Facebook affordable.
  • Of the 2.7 Million active users monthly 50% are on mobile. So Facebook advertising is mobile advertising.

To Summarize, let’s say you cannot survive a successful digital strategy without an aggressive Facebook marketing strategy. Furthermore, no strategy without having Facebook at the epicenter of it will be successful in 2020.

Social media trends for businesses in 2020 clearly indicate Facebook will continue to dominate. Let this be said that in India alone the Facebook penetration is as low as 26%. So of the total Indian population of a 130 Crore only 35 Crore people are on Facebook. So this can tell you easily that there is still a long way to go for Facebook in the subcontinent.

Facebook ads is a great way to promote your business and get those extra dollars your competitor is losing out on. I am listing down the 5 most important Facebook ad strategies that you should empower your Social Media marketing 2020 plan with to ensure success.

  • Dynamic Creative Ads

    This feature allows advertisers to experiment all possible combinations of ad consumption. Meaning a bunch of creative, headline and description etc. Facebook gives you analytics of all elements separately for you to figure out what type of ad content works well for what type of audience. This is a great way to feed ad content that the consumer just wants to see. Facebook however only can give you analytics for campaigns with a minimum 500 impressions. SO if your budget is low then do not have too many combinations.

    social media marketing strategy in 2020

  • Facebook Ad Library

    This feature enables users to go to a page and sneak into that page’s advertising activity. This was done to make Facebook advertising more transparent for the Facebook users. With this feature you can go to your competitors page and spy on their advertising efforts. This allows you to see the page’s advertising campaigns, creative , content etc and when the ad started. You can easily look at what kind of stuff is working well for your competitor. Isn’t that easy and relevant ? But guys for God sake, please use your own creative and content. Do not just copy paste your competitor’s stuff. I know it might work in some cases but it isn’t legal and more over it isn’t cool either.

    social media marketing strategy in 2020

  • Click to Messenger Ads

    This ad campaign encourages your users to start a conversation with you on messenger. Isn’t that amazing ? You get to start live chat with a target audience in a fraction of a second. This will help you pitch and offer something to your audience exactly when he/she is just looking for it. Please ensure you switch on your chat bot that immediately greets your potential client. 90% of audience today wants to interact with the brand with chats to make their buying decision faster.

    social media marketing strategy in 2020

  • Sponsored message remarketing ads

    This involves pitching users to chat with your brand through messenger. Not just any user but a user who has visited your website or a user who has demonstrated in some manner interest in your products or services. Relevant audience again. Isn’t it ? Your sponsored messages can include updates, deals, special offers etc. The best thing is that you get charged only on impressions. This means that you will be billed only when the audience checks out your message on the messenger. Isn’t it great ?

    social media marketing strategy in 2020

  • Narrow Audience

    This is yet another AI enabled feature that helps you find the relevant audience if you do not at all know who your audience is. With this feature Facebook gives you audience that is relevant to your product/services with a history of getting converted into a buyer in the past. Since this actually narrows down the audience in a huge way, this is relatively an expensive type of campaign.

    social media marketing strategy in 2020

There are tons of more strategies that can help you use Facebook ads to achieve your brand goals. For e.g. there are Ad grids for testing the ad performance, elements and audience etc. Then there is Scroll stopper strategy. I will cover this up in my next post as too much of download just doesn’t make sense for the readers. Write me on varun.sharma2010@gmail.com in case you are stuck. Do write back a comment to let me know what exactly do you want to know more around social media marketing strategy in 2020.

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