8 Search Engine Marketing hacks to save you cash while using Google Ad Words

Of all the types of Search Engine Marketing , 76% of SEM belongs to Google. If you mean business Google is on your cards. Agree ? Here this out Folks!

Today Google has 73% share of Paid search engine marketing on the planet. This share is not going down very soon. All brands, professionals, Marketers know how to run Google Ad Words for their business goals.

Today we will discuss 8 hacks to cut cost on your Google Ad Words campaigns like a boss! I am assuming we already know that if we are setting up a new Google Ad Word account we know how to get a free coupon from Google. So without any further delay let’s get started.

  1. Campaign Settings

    Search Engine Marketing

    Focus on quality traffic only. The best way to do that is stick to search network traffic only. Uncheck display network. This will automatically keep us away from spending our money on low quality publisher network at all times.

  2. Target Locations

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    One more simple mistake normally all of us are doing. When we select our location, we want to only get traffic from people “IN OR REGULARLY IN TARGET LOCATION”. Well Google will recommend you to go for all people interested in the said location. Do not go for that. We want people who are present in the location not simply interested in that location.

  3. CPC Bid Limit

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    Do set up a maximum C.P.C. Bid limit. This will allow you to keep a check on your unit economics. To acquire a consumer there obviously is an upper limit you should have in mind beyond which acquiring a consumer makes no sense. Use that threshold as your maximum CPC bid limit.

  4. Negative Keywords

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    Research your negative keywords properly. Build the largest list of Negative keywords on the planet. There are many tools like Negative Keyword Pro that come in handy. Use tools and build a list. This is saving you unwanted traffic. Saving you dollars.

  5. Device Optimization

    Search Engine Marketing

    If you are a seasoned marketer great else ask one. See if your product sells more on desktop or Mobile ? Based on that restrict non performing traffic because every click costs.

  6. Demographic Optimization

    Search Engine Marketing
    The Audience will be normally between 18 Years to 60 Years of age. Figure out the age range your product does well. Exclude other age groups. Income group has slightly improved with Google Ad words in 2019. Use it. For Gender use campaigns separately for men and women if you so want.

  7. Audience Exclusions- Search Marketing

    All of us select audience on all our campaigns. Few of us might want to go with recommended audience also. However right below the audience selection is exclusion. Try using exclusions also. This will further filter out only more relevant audience.

  8. Search Terms

    Search Engine Marketing

    This tab tells you what were the search terms your traffic used before they reached you. See this tab regularly and keep updating irrelevant search phrases in negative keywords.  I recommend you to do this daily if not at least on alternate days this needs a check. Of all the 8 points this is an area where all marketer lose out the highest.

Google Ad words seem to be the best medium to get you sales, leads, brand recognition in 2020, however, Due to the economic depression owing to the Covid-19 Pandemic, marketers who save money while achieving goals will succeed because finding audience that buy has reduced drastically.

Incase you are a business having money crunch please don’t bother yourself with Google Ad Words, read this article to get you clients for free.

If for some reason Search is not an option for you go through the social media growth Hack story to be abreast in 2020.

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